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It is our mission to remain being innovative, and maintain our integrity and positive, prosperous relationships with our affiliate partners.
It is our duty to be respectful and sincere toward everybody, at all times. It is our pleasure to continue creating the very best adult entertainment content possible"

At AzianiGold, we could never be the one-stop affiliate program for webmasters. In many ways, that type of structure goes against everything we have built over the years. We are a unique program that focuses on generating content of the highest quality, which exudes personality and sexiness, and building sites that are geared towards conversions and retention. We are a privately owned entity, and there are no shareholders to impress. However, we regard our affiliates as our valued business partners and that their success amounts to our own.

Each of us involved operating this continuously growing company is personally invested - financially, physically and emotionally. We realize that at the end of the day it is all about people. And if it weren't for people there would be no AzianiGold. This is something we care about deeply and hope it comes across through our actions and interactions with everybody we meet, online or in person.

Innovativeness and foresight are two other important factors that helped launch, originally TwistedCash, which eventually evolved into AzianiGold. We are committed to continue this trend. The future with Aziani Gold keeps getting more exciting for us, as well as affiliates who understand true opportunity and future industry outlook.

Our goal is to continue to build new unique sites to our lineup and to offer affiliates ways to expose their traffic to an alternative to the usual run-off-the-mill content. Heavy resources are invested into new tools and sites that are currently being created by listening to feedback from webmasters and consumers.

We at AzianiGold don't claim to please everybody.
Some affiliate programs try to be everything to everyone.
AzianiGold tries to be something to You.