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Free Hosted Galleries (MGP / TGP)

Free Hosted galleries (or FHGs) are a popular marketing tool for affiliates. There are several advantages for affiliates using our FHGs:

* no bandwidth expenses for affiliate
* no need to spend time or money on design
* no record-keeping requirements for US-based affiliates

AzianiGold FHGs are carefully created for affiliates with several variables in mind: high rates for conversions; brand recognition; benefiting from cross promotions; and legal compliance.

Take a look at some of the reasons why AzianiGold FHGs are among the best converting in the industry:

tools 1) Branded, attention grabbing header. Graphics are kept simple, fast loading and representative of the site, and add consumer confidence in the site.
2)Informative text description. These are keyword based descriptions designed to entice your surfers.
3)TGP compliant images or videos. Designed to entice the consumer, while encouraging him or her to seek out the site for more. This translates into excellent click-through ratios.
4)Personal information about the model. Surfers love to find out intimate details about our models! After all, it is all about the personality behind the great looks.
5)Teaser image, may be hardcore to indicate hard content on site to surfer. It is meant to give a glimpse of what else the tour/site that follows will contain.
6)Prominent tour invitation links. Make it easy for surfers to enter the tours. More clicks to the tour equals more sales opportunities.
7)Cross promotion. Gives surfer more opportunities to find exactly what he or she is looking for. You get paid on every sign up generated through these types of cross promotions!
8)Legal compliance info. AzianiGold is 100% compliant with all applicable US laws, including the newest version of U.S.C. Title 18 2257.
These are a few of the variables we consistently take into account in building our FHGS. As the demand and desires of consumers constantly change, we strive to adapt and adjust all promotional galleries accordingly.

AzianiGold offers affiliates hundreds of galleries currently available for their promotions, and we constantly add new batches of FHGs to our existing pool as a source of fresh content for affiliate use. Check out some of our FHG samples:
Aziani Picture FHG
Aziani Movie FHG
Rachel Aziani Picture FHG
Rachel Aziani Movie FHG
Priya Anjali Rai Picture FHG
Priya Anjali Rai Movie FHG
Nikki Nova Picture FHG
If you envision a particular type of gallery (maybe a certain look, feel, or content) please let us know! We always welcome your suggestions if they help you make more money!