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AzianiGold is made up of a collective of people whose main goal is to work full-time making you money.

Buzz Aziani - founder & CEO

Since 1997, Buzz has found the outlet for his passions in building sites containing the highest standards for content, and an affiliate program known for its standards of quality, honesty and integrity. He is involved with all aspects of day-to-day site and affiliate program operations. He is also responsible for the creation of the AzianiGold content - his photographic eye and talent for improvisation has helped produce some of the most remarkable adult content available today.

Rachel Aziani - President & CFO

Rachel's own site,, provided the foundation for creating AzianiGold originally known as TwistedCash. Besides running her site, Rachel is the President and CFO of the business. Her extremely savvy mind and foresight ensure the stable financial existence of AzianiGold. Rachel's insight from a female perspective and input has made AzianiGold content a favorite with both men and women alike. Her genuinely positive attitude and her ability to cheer up just about anyone, has made Rachel a favorite with site members and affiliates alike.

AzianiGold is proud to work with a number of talented and dedicated professionals. We would love to hear from you, our affiliate. What drives you and what are your goals? Feel free to contact us and share a bit of yourself with us!